Sunday Morning - 8:45 AM & 11:00 AM Worship Service, Sunday School 10:00 AM

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We would love for you to join us at any of our services! Wherever you go on our church campus you will find us loving, serving, giving, and reaching just like Jesus!

Sunday School 

10:00 AM

Join us! We have a class for all ages! In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus says, “Go, therefore, and make disciples…teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you…”. Our Sunday school provides a unique and ideal setting for fulfilling this Great Commission by making life-altering transformation our primary teaching goal. Our Sunday school teachers teach small groups of people of like ages taking the time to discuss and explain the text and personalize the application to our lives.  Sunday School is a great way to connect with people as we learn about God’s word and how to obey all that Jesus commanded us.

River Runners 

SUNDAYS 10:00 AM      

 (Ages 4 - 3rd Grade) 

Wednesday nights 6:40 PM - 8:00 PM  

(Ages 4 - 5th Grade)

River Runners (Sunday) is a children's church worship service. It is an interactive way for the children to learn about God. The children start off with the adults in worship service and are dismissed to enjoy a lesson that is geared toward their way of learning. They are taught the depth of God's Word as well as the application of it. Our children's worship team is dedicated to the ministry of helping develop and disciple children to follow Jesus!

River Runners (Wednesday Night, Ages 4 thru 3rd grade) is an interactive night of fun!  Designed like a mini VBS, the kids will enjoy food, music, activities, crafts and experience lessons geared for their age.  We begin our fun with food for the kids. Then it’s off to Music, Bible Lesson and Games.    It’s a time where the kids can really express all they have learned in one month.  There is never a dull moment and the time just flies by. 

River Runners Xtreme (Wednesday Night, 4th & 5th grades) is designed to prepare the kids for their biggest challenge, middle school.  We have discovered that this age of students often feel crammed in a program that’s either to kiddie or to mature and they feel so out of place.  Not at River Runner Xtreme. The students in River Runner Xtreme feel the intense focus on right where they are.  We challenge them to bring their personal bible and learn how to navigate through God's Word!  Come join us see how XTREME we are when it comes to worshipping Jesus and diving in His Word! 


Steadfast Student Ministry

Wednesday nights 6:40 PM - 8:00 pm


Enjoy every aspect of the night from food and games to worship, teachings and small group mentoring. Come and learn how to be unwavering in your faith! Chattahoochee is immensely blessed with a dedicated group of student leaders who are passionate for students. They are enthusiastic in leading them to become faithful followers of Jesus.

Binded College Ministry (To Be Announced)

6:30 PM - FOOD


Binded is a college ministry unique as the students who make it up. Relationships are a focus. Students understand what one another are facing, from challenges in education to social strains. Their personal relationship with Christ strengthens as they study God's Word and apply God's Word together while realizing they are not alone. "Binded" to each other and "Binded" to the pages of Scripture is an awesome place to be as a college student. Join Binded College Ministry and find a place to flourish and find friends in a culture that desperately needs Christ!

4th Sunday Of The Month

7:15 AM

Calling all men! Join us every fourth Sunday of the month for great fellowship and breakfast!